Just Dance!

Just Dance! Zumba

The story goes that a dance/aerobics instructor back in the early 90’s (Alberto Perez – ‘Beto’) forgot the music for his aerobics class and improvised the session using the salsa and merengue tapes that he listened to in his car. The rest is fitness history!
In 1999 Beto left his home in Cali, Colombia, and travelled to the United States where he joined forces with two other entrepreneurs, Alberto Perlman and Alberto Aghion. Together they branded the word ‘Zumba’ (originally Beto called the class ‘Rumbacise’) and began building an empire which exploded onto the fitness scene and still sizzles around the globe in gyms, halls and dance studios today.
It is a cocktail of aerobic moves, Latin beats and dance styles including belly dancing, cumbia, hip hop, mambo, reggaeton, rumba, salsa, samba and soca to name but a few. The repetitive formula makes it easy to follow and the party atmosphere, pulsating beats and opportunities to channel your inner diva at every turn have never made working out so addictive! Finding exercise programmes that you love will make you more likely to do them and that is one of the keys to smashing your fitness goals. Zumba is suitable for all levels and celebrity devotees include Shakira, J Lo and Jackie Chan.
The non stop hip and body rolls, pumps and twerks target the core for the sexiest sculpt ever. At least that’s how we do it in my classes!
Training to music 120-140 b.p.m (beats per minute) has been scientifically proven to enhance performance levels for maximum benefits. So what are you waiting for? Turn it up, shake it off and I’ll see you on the dance floor!



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