Go Vege ✌️❤️

One of the things clients often say to me is, ‘I’d love to be a vegetarian but I can’t live without meat.’
More and more people are turning their backs on the meat and dairy industries, be it for health or ethical reasons or to make a stand against animal cruelty.
The meat industry is a large contributor to global warming and deforestation which is required to breed the copious amounts of cattle required for their meat and milk. The toxins from gas emissions in excessive animal waste are one of the biggest contributors to diminishing the ozone layer.
Take away the ethical fact for a moment that all living things deserve a life and not a hellish existence, animal meat and produce is often pumped full of steroids and antibiotics. It’s long been known that cutting meat from your diet reduces the risk of cancers, heart problems, diabetes and high cholesterol to name just a few illnesses.
Vegan bodybuilders prove time and time again with their amazing physiques that protein can be readily obtained from fruit, vegetables, legumes and grains, completely dispelling the myth that meat equals muscle.
It’s also cheaper to fill your weekly shopping basket with ‘blood free’ produce where the only thing slashed is your bill!
I appreciate that the thought of jumping from fully fledged carnivore to vegan can be a little daunting at first. Many people transition by first going ‘pescatarian’ (diet excludes meat and poultry but includes fish and dairy) ‘vegetarian’ (no meat or fish, sometimes dairy) and work up to ‘vegan’ (no meat, fish or dairy.) There are many delicious alternatives. Try swapping milk with almond, rice, coconut or soya milk. All of your favourite meat dishes can be made using Quorn (contains egg white and milk protein) which is a good starting point. I have often cooked chilli, ‘sausage’ dishes, ‘chicken’ curries and spaghetti bolognese for my carnivore friends who didn’t even realise that they weren’t eating meat!
As an animal activist I love the fact that being vege saves approximately 95 animals a year. As a wise man once said, ‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.’
Here is a chilli with quinoa (high protein grain which is an excellent alternative to rice) ‘chicken’ honey mustard pitta, ‘chicken’ curry with quinoa, and ‘sausage’ sweet potato hotpot.






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